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KJay Photography loves to capture great action and sports photographs. Phone: 608-850-4850, Email

Seeking your Event Photographs. Please click on correct folder and use password provided. Questions about passwords, contact K Jay Photos at

Are you seeking an event photographer for your next Wisconsin sports tournaments or sports event? KJay Photos of Madison, WI will come to your event, take great action photographs and offer them available for sale to your participants and atheletes. Offer great photographs that capture the moment for them to treasure for years to come. Our prices are reasonable, convenient order from home platform and high quality event photographs shipped directly to their home. It does not get much easier than this.

Thank you for utilizing KJay Photography of Madison, Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Spotlight Dance Academy

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Elevation Dance Studio

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17376 photos

Ultimate Leap

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Midwest Performing Arts

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Waunakee Sports

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Wisconsin Dells Dance Studio

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St. John's

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Junior Nationals Nordic Combined

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Junior Nationals Nordic Combined

Dance examples

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Dance examples

Janet & Junes Birthday Party

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Janet & Junes Birthday Party

Black and whites

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Black and whites

Jill and Chases wedding

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Jill and Chases wedding

Ariel & Alexi

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Ariel & Alexi

ULDC book

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ULDC book


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Rho Chi Ceremony

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Rho Chi Ceremony

Ariels & Tylers wedding

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Ariels & Tylers wedding

wedding pics

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wedding pics

Kelly & Don Wedding

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Kelly & Don Wedding


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Alexi & Zak

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Alexi & Zak